The client agrees to attend the photoshoot at the agreed-upon time. Outdoor photoshoots are subject to weather conditions. Heavy rain may hinder the photoshoot, and if necessary, an alternative time will be arranged with the client before the photoshoot. When booking a photoshoot, a booking fee is always required. The booking fee is non-refundable under any circumstances. If the photoshoot needs to be rescheduled due to the client's circumstances, such as illness, one rescheduling is allowed free of charge. Notice of rescheduling must be provided well in advance, at least 24 hours before the scheduled time.

The client's preferences regarding the photoshoot and the final images should be communicated during the planning phase. However, the photographer ultimately has the decision-making authority over the outcome of the images. The photographer has their style and artistic freedom to create the images according to their style. The client has reviewed the photographer's portfolio and accepts the shooting style and post-processing style accordingly. Basic image editing is included in the photography package. Basic editing may involve minor retouching such as removing small blemishes, wounds, or bruises. However, it does not include background changes, object removal from the image, or major alterations to skin/body/clothing/environment.

The price of the photography package includes both the photoshoot and the agreed-upon number of image files. Print products are ordered separately. The client is not allowed to reprocess the images when publishing them, nor add filters to them. The photographer must be credited when sharing the image on social media. The client does not receive RAW files. The client is granted a broad non-commercial usage and printing rights to the image files, allowing them to publish the images online or create prints for personal use from the digital files. The client is not permitted to sell or transfer the usage rights to a third party (applies to all image files).

The client is responsible for downloading the images from the online gallery and ensuring their own backup within 1 month. The photographer does not retain backup copies of the client's images

The photographer retains all copyrights, and the delivered images must not be further edited. The photographer must be credited when publishing the images. The photographer has the right to use the images in their own portfolio and for marketing purposes. In the event of illness, the photoshoot appointment must be canceled promptly. You can notify me by phone at 0445920070 or by email at It is important not to attend the photoshoot when feeling unwell. You can always confirm with me how we will proceed in your specific case.

The booking fee is paid upon confirming the photoshoot reservation. The booking fee is non-refundable if the client cancels the photoshoot or in any other circumstances. All prices include 24% VAT. Any travel expenses will be added on a case-by-case basis if the photoshoot takes place outside the Turku area.

How it works


Please fill out the contact form and briefly describe your preferences once you have decided on the photography package you want. I will contact you, and we can start planning the photoshoot.


Let's plan a quick call and together we'll plan the photoshoot to fit you/your needs. It's good to discuss any concerns or questions related to the photoshoot over the phone and arrange practical matters.


Photo shooting day: It's time to take photos! Let's meet, chat, and even have a cup of coffee. Before the photoshoot, it's always good to take a moment and get to know each other. The photoshoot is more enjoyable and relaxed when we're already a bit familiar. :) At the same time, I'll prepare the equipment, and we can go through things like wardrobe choices for the shoot.


Image delivery: 1-3 weeks after the photoshoot, you will receive the most beautiful photos, fully edited, in a stunning online gallery. From there, you can download the images for your own keeping and use


First time in a photography session?

You don't have to do anything else but show up. :) Leave the photoshoot moment to me. We all experience those same feelings of uncertainty when we do something new, and being in front of the camera can be intimidating. Just trust that I will guide you and tell you what to do during the photoshoot, and you can simply enjoy and be in the moment. Photoshoots are always fun and relaxed moments, and we will always proceed at your own pace without any rush. So bring a joyful mindset and a relaxed open attitude, and together we will create amazing photos!

Where do you take photos?

It depends on the current situation, so feel free to ask! I primarily shoot in Turku, my hometown. However, I am more than happy to shoot elsewhere in Finland and Europe.

What should I wear?

Depending on the photoshoot, we will plan in advance what style of clothing you should bring or borrow from my photography props. Generally, earthy tones work well, avoiding overly bright and dominant colors. It's also recommended to avoid prints and logos to create timeless images with a harmonious atmosphere. It's usually good to bring a variety of clothing options to the photoshoot, allowing us to change accessories or add a jacket/hat, and capture different types of photos.


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